A Note About the 2018 USSF Presidential Election and the Current USWNT Case

I served as Eric Wynalda’s campaign manager during the 2018 United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Presidential election. He advocated for more than equal pay. He wanted and still does want equal treatment and opportunity for the USWNT. 

Our USWNT is the best of the best, and they deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and honor. 

I spent hours upon hours with him, and it was almost an obsession. He advocated for a supportive and inclusive relationship with all of our NT players instead of the adversarial one we see on full display.

Other candidates like Hope Solo warned of the divisive nature and culture permeating the upper leadership levels of the Federation also. It’s sad that this country went the other way. 

I have said it many times, but US Soccer serves the few at the expense of everyone else. This worldview has reared its ugly head in countless ways including this most recent revelation of the disturbing and deplorable comments and legal tactics surrounding the USWNT case.

The majority of those who were involved with the USSF Board and Athlete Council chose status quo. They went with Carlos Cordeiro. This decision may have benefitted them personally, but it has led to more lawsuits including more than $9M in legal fees in 2019 alone. It has not led us to a more perfect union or any closer to becoming the preeminent sport in America.

Enough is enough. The past is the past. We can’t change it, but those in positions of influence and power have the opportunity to change the present and thus the future. Carlos Cordeiro should resign or be removed from the USSF Board immediately. 

The other USSF Board members may not have known (which is a problem) or worse may have known ahead of time (which is a bigger problem). In either case, it is a failure of their fiduciary duties and a full dismissal of the entire USSF Board of Directors warrants serious consideration.

We will not accomplish our mission without better leadership. What we see here is a pattern. It is a pattern of poor leadership. The latest revelations are symptomatic of systemic, cultural, and leadership problems. 

Those in positions of influence and power have a responsibility to lead well and serve the game. Andy Stanley once said, “Leadership is a stewardship. It is temporary. And you’re accountable.” All eyes are on you.

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