American Clubs vs Global Clubs

A proper club is a generational club that provides an aim for players and a guiding light for player development.

A player economy flourishes in an open system with proper clubs. The US could and should be a global leader in talent development and player transactions. The current closed league system limits player wages and movement. There’s also no compensation paid to US clubs for development.

If a transfer occurs between different jurisdictions when a player is in contract, the fee is then negotiable and 5% of this amount is then distributed pro rata to all clubs involved in his training since the season of his 12th birthday.

Training compensation is paid to all clubs who’ve trained the player from age 12 to 21 when a player’s status changes from amateur to non-amateur.

Much like the dysfunction throughout the USSF system, most clubs are not independent cradle to grave clubs. Instead most are segregated generationally as Adult Clubs (and often single teams) or as Youth Clubs (who don’t have Adult teams).
Most US adult teams (Amateur and Pro), often referred to as clubs, were created without Youth Academies. Operating this way is problematic. These clubs always have to find players and hope they learn to play together. Player development is limited in these clubs.
Most US youth clubs were formed without having First Teams. A First Team creates a defined mission, goal, and example for the academy players and coaches. Want players to dream? Show them the way to the First Team. Show them the path to the pros.
The US needs cradle-to-grave clubs with a system that incentivizes merit for First Teams and their associated Academies. American soccer should be a land of opportunity for all who dream, work, compete, and win.

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