The Abdication of Responsibility

How the US Soccer Board of Directors Is Using Carlos Cordeiro as a Scapegoat, Yet Not Much Has Changed

At 9:06 PM EST on March 12, 2020, Carlos Cordeiro made public his resignation, effective immediately, as President of the United States Soccer Federation. Many celebrated this decision, and I have stated for some time that his failure to lead well was hurting the Federation. 

I am glad to see that USSF sponsors spoke up and against the despicable and deplorable comments and legal arguments being deployed in the USWNT vs USSF case by the Federation’s legal team. Media members and others joined the call for change. 

The question is this: Did anything really change with Cordeiro’s resignation?

After all as Sebastian Salazar points out, the US Soccer President is a member of the US Soccer Board of Directors and the President isn’t the only one responsible here: 

The fact remains that the same group of individuals remain. As listed here (, the US Soccer Board of Directors is as follows:

Cindy Parlow Cone (Acting President until the 2021 US Soccer AGM)

Vice President
Vacant (Vacated until the 2021 US Soccer AGM pending if Cindy Parlow Cone runs and wins the Presidential election)

Immediate Past President (non-voting)
Carlos Cordeiro

Athlete Representatives
Chris Ahrens, Carlos Bocanegra, Lori Lindsey, (Lindsay Tarpley Snow – Alternate)

Pro Council Representatives
Don Garber, Steve Malik

Adult Council Representatives
Richard Moeller, John Motta

Youth Council Representatives
Dr. Pete Zopfi, Tim Turney

At Large Representative
Mike Cullina

Independent Directors
Lisa Carnoy, Patti Hart, Juan Uro

CEO/Secretary General (non-voting)

Every one of these individuals are culpable. Several Board Members have admitted they did not know the legal tactics and strategy employed by the legal team under the supervision of the Board. Not knowing is not an excuse, but rather an indictment on their ability to provide oversight.

Carlos Cordeiro’s resignation should not be viewed as enough. They are all responsible, and it’s time for more resignations. This current US Soccer Board of Directors has shown an inability to provide oversight, leadership, and responsibility repeatedly.

This isn’t a moment of poor leadership. This is a pattern of poor leadership. The culture of the Board will not change without new faces and new leaders as well as a full reform of the makeup, positions, and policies governing the US Soccer Board of Directors.

Here is a link to today’s show discussing Cordeiro’s resignation and the US Soccer Board of Directors:

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