US Soccer Operates Like Baseball

The US Soccer Federation (USSF) has perverted the spirit of divisional play through sporting merit as defined by FIFA and has worked in lockstep with Major League Soccer (MLS) and the United Soccer League (USL) to create a US system that operates like baseball not global soccer. Teams are purchased franchises instead of independent clubs, and US Soccer works in conjunction with MLS and USL as gatekeepers to the Professional Council. The USSF has picked winners and losers, and has done so at the expense of EVERYONE ELSE.

When a Major League/ Minor League sports system is implemented, it is done to protect the Major League from competition. It is a sporting caste system that locks Minor League teams out unless the Major League agrees to their entry. This system does not inspire passion or purpose. This closed system of Major/Minor Leagues prevent investment, opportunity, and compensation to so many. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the country is locked out at the highest levels of the game. Merit is forbidden. Extortion is preferred. If you’re good enough, it doesn’t matter.

Entire cities and states have been tossed aside. US Soccer and MLS view only a couple dozen markets as acceptable for Division One (DI). They have kept the lights of ingenuity, passion, creativity, and desire off for the vast majority of the country. Reform is necessary. The time is now.

Unity is the only way to reform the US Soccer Federation. “The Rest of Us” outnumber “them” 99 to 1. The time is now for all non MLS/USL teams to unite under one banner and one project. United WE rise. Divided THEY win.

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